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Project Services International (PSI) is a Canadian international development consulting firm, incorporated in 1990 and located in Canada’s national capital region.

Our Strategy:

PSI is a full service firm with a sole focus on international business and development. We believe that poverty can only be reduced through economic growth and the creation of employment and incomes but growth needs to be complemented by the right policies and social programs if the poor are to benefit. Thus, we strive to work on sustainable economic growth in a holistic fashion that incorporates governance through to income generation at the grassroots.

Our Range of Expertise:

We provide a broad array of international development consulting services to support sustainable economic development. PSI has international expertise in project identification, design, implementation, management and performance review, in the areas of:

  • law and development including human rights,
  • small and medium enterprise development,
  • financing
  • entrepreneurship development,
  • institutional and capacity development,
  • gender equality, human rights, and the rights of the child
  • governance, enabling environments and policy development
  • environment

We also have long term relationships with an established roster of proven associates and affiliated firms providing us with access to additional and complementary expertise.

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