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PSI is thoroughly familiar with international "best practices", standards, policies and guidelines, including those of financial institutions, sectoral industry associations, and bilateral donors. PSI is a member of the Canadian Association of International Development Consultants, the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Project Management Institute.

PSI provides:

  • Project design, appraisal, feasibility, inception and management plan formulation, implementation and field management, technical advice, team building, problem solving, monitoring and evaluation
  • Identification, feasibility, and design of Programme Based Approaches (PBA) and multi-donor initiatives
  • Identify and conceptualize program and project opportunities
  • Design development results and indicator definitions
  • Program and project management, monitoring and performance review systems
  • Assess risk assumptions and management strategies
  • Monitoring regional, intergovernmental and multi-donor programmes
  • Training, coaching and capacity building on results based management and performance measurement

Technical Areas

Sustainable Economic Growth, Private Sector and Regional Development:
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) and small-scale industrial development
  • Business advisory services
  • Value chain analysis
  • Administrative policies and procedures development
  • Technology transfer
  • Labour force adjustment, employment and job creation strategies
  • Policy development, formulation, appraisal and evaluation
  • New venture development
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Business/investment opportunity identification
  • Feasibility studies, economic and market forecasts
  • Identification of human resource needs, skills gaps, and training programs
  • Social and economic analysis and research
  • Child Labour and the Rights of the Child
  • Private Sector Development for Peace Building and Reconstruction

Governance and Enabling Environments:

  • Law and development specializing in enabling environments, regulatory frameworks and the legal sector
  • Human rights, especially children's rights and child protection
  • Democratization
  • Mediating conflicts and differing opinions
  • Reform of legal and judiciary systems
  • Reform of the regulating function to obtain higher effectiveness and compliance
  • Democratization


Asian Development Services
  • Revolving loan and credit guarantee funds
  • Equity and debt mechanisms
  • Venture capital
  • Banking and credit cooperatives
  • Micro finance institutional development
  • Financial sector regulations and reforms
  • Pro-poor financial sector deepening.
  • Adult education and training in finance.

Institutional and Capacity Development:

  • Training and institutional capacity building
  • Issues and change management
  • Institutional supervision and evaluation
  • Entrepreneurial, business management, technical and vocational training design and delivery for all levels
  • Industrial and business incubators design and management
  • Capacity development in an institutional and organisational context
  • Social capital research
  • Cooperatives and non-governmental organizations

Participatory Development:

Participatory Development
  • Participation and partnering at all levels of the project cycle including identification, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Participation and results based management


  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and environmental legislation;
  • Environmental economics, law, business and technology;
  • Institutional and capacity development for environmental managers;
  • Integrated resource management and protection.

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